Housing & Meals
Housing for single and married students is available on both campuses. Trainees are required to live in the housing provided for their use. At the Talmage campus, children have the opportunity to attend Instilling Goodness Elementary School and Developing Virtue Secondary School. Trainees take their meals with the rest of the community in the Main Dining Hall centrally located on campus. No cooking is allowed in the residence halls for single men and women. Out of compassion for all beings, all meals are vegetarian.

Library Facilities
The Dharma Realm Buddhist University Library at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is available to all trainees and faculty of the Sangha and Laity Training Programs. The Library houses a major collection of Buddhist texts, books about Buddhism, and Buddhist periodicals, in both Asian and Western languages. In addition, the Library has collections in literature, the humanities, the social sciences, and other disciplines. The Main Library is a two-story, Tudor, brick building, located at the northeast portion of the Campus. On the first floor are found stacks of general works in English and other languages, an audio visual room where Buddhist tapes and languages tapes are housed; and, a reference book area. On the second floor are housed Buddhist works, including the Buddhist stacks, a reference room for information retrieval and
publications searching, and a commons area. The general works and Buddhist works collections are all on-line. Other libraries on the Talmage campus include: three Buddhist reference library areas at Joyous Giving House; a Buddhist reference library at Tathagata Monastery; an Architect’s library and an ESL materials library in the DRBU Administration Building; a Vietnamese library in the West Wing; and a boys’ and two girls’ school libraries.

The West Sacramento campus houses a Main Library and specialized libraries. Training facilities (designated on page 17-19) also have libraries. All students are entitled to a library card. Non-students may obtain a library card for $15 per year.

The Berkeley campus contains the Huston Smith Library which is a small library that focuses on Eastern and Western religions and philosophy.  The library includes a collection of books given by Professor Huston Smith.

Health Facilities
The Health Center at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is available to trainees. There are nurses in residence, and doctors and dentists visit periodically. The City of Ten Thousands is close to Ukiah Valley Hospital, Ukiah Adventist Hospital, and Mendocino Community Clinics.

Medical Insurance
Students may be required to purchase adequate health insurance coverage as a requisite for admission into either the Sangha or Laity Training Programs.

Foreign Student Services
The Sangha and Laity Training Programs are authorized by the Just ice Department's Immigration and Naturalization Service to issue the F-1 or M-1 (Sevis I-20) application for admission of non- immigrant students. Fees for filing and postage may apply. English inst ruct ion will be provided. It is expect ed that graduat es of the Sangha and Laity Training Programs will return to their own countries to pursue their vocations. Applicants should understand that student visas do not lead to permanent residency in the
United States .